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An alternative punchline could be to characterize them as a sort of ascended being. An existence osrs gold that exceeds the boundaries of humanity if you will. It almost identical to painting them as monsters, but with the key difference of undoubted superiority. Either way could be humorous.

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I definitely prefer the latter. Total noob that only has 7 hrs. in the game at the moment and I already gained 3 M4A1 (two well kitted out, one standard), a perfectly kitted SA 58, a perfectly kitted AK 47N, some high durability “Fort” armor, and various pieces of slightly lower tier armor and weapons. All of it came from people I killed and looted,

so I definitely glad I haven been gated off from high level players. Honestly, getting my foot in the door as a beginner has become much easier now that I collected all this higher quality equipment.A community that preferred a version of the game which was many years outdated. Give everyone some time to digest the idea of Warding as a skill. I think people are going to warm up to it.

And the voice channel spamming killed the mood for me and several others as well. Why can everyone just watch the stream and enjoy it? Why does it always have to be some meme or Minecraft, and then everyone gets upset when the mods finally step in and do something about all the spam and disruption?

Twitch chat is already a cesspool as is. We don need it spilling into Discord, and if people can be grown ups in the voice channel, then locking it down is only a good riddance. You don need the voice channel to have fun, and it certainly wasn fun when it was there.Oh, I think you misunderstand dude. I completely agree it got wildly out of control and needed to be temporarily

And all of that assumes that a new player would want to look up everything instead of just playing around. Or that they even enable the orb. But if someone does want to learn more about the game, we shouldn make it harder for them to learn just because we think the game is better played that way. I know I started using fansites early on but I wouldn say that spoiled the game for me;

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